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It just so happens that our respect for nature makes financial sense for your project as well. The process of plant salvage and transplanting is one that not every company can successfully manage. Yet Environments excels at this complex task because we understand plants, plant life itself and the science of horticulture. These images show you how we approach the delicate process of relocation and transplantation, ending with healthy, robust plants that thrive in their new location.

One of our customers wrote us to say: “We were pleased with the way the plants were handled and cared for throughout the length of the project. In a short time it will be hard to tell which ones were planted and which were native.” We are happy when our customers are happy.

We have the equipment, expertise and mobility to make your project successful wherever it happens to be.

Special care is taken so that no damage occurs to the plants as they are being stored and transported to their new homes.